At Bishopton we feel that a uniform helps to reduce economic and social barriers between pupils and helps them feel unified, with a greater sense of belonging. We also feel that being smartly dressed helps prepare the pupils for learning.

Bishopton expects all pupils to be in school uniform this consists of:

  • Black shoes/trainers with no visible marks or signs*
  • Black trousers or skirt
  • White Polo shirt or school shirt
  • Navy jumper
  • Bishopton fleece which can be purchased
  • Year 11 pupils have the option of a pale blue polo shirt

*Where pupils shoes are not appropriate, plimsolls will be offered to the pupil.

  • Where pupils’ clothing does not meet the guidelines issued by school, the pupil will be offered clothing by the school.
  • If a pupil refuses to accept uniform offered by the school then a phone call home will be made and the parent/carer will be requested to bring suitable uniform to school or the school will provide spare uniform  until this can be arranged.

Uniform Order Form

School Clothing Grant

If there is a problem with your child wearing school uniform please do not hesitate to contact the school.