Staff Wellbeing

We place the wellbeing of our whole school community at the heart of everything we do. From a strategic point of view we have our annual School Development Plan and our longer term strategic priorities. We focus everything on outcomes we value, rather than solely focusing on the value of outcomes. The outcomes we value are:

  • Investing in Staff
  • Aiming for Excellence
  • A “Whole’istic Approach”
  • Investing in futures

All of which are underpinned by wellbeing

We firmly believe that in order to have a school environment where young people feel loved, valued, safe and inspired it is vital that staff, all staff including cleaners, caretakers, dinner lady etc. are happy and secure in their roles therefore the school has a detailed staff wellbeing policy that is based on regular staff surveys. Staff morale is a priority and there are a number of initiatives we have to ensure that staff morale remains high even during times where we are feeling pressure. For more information about this please contact the school and ask for Mrs Carr or Miss Banks.

Celebrating Staff Achievements Policy 2018-2019

Staff Code of Conduct

Staff Wellbeing Policy