Personal, Social and Health Education focuses on developing skills which are transferable to other subjects across the curriculum and prepare students for the diversity of the world in which we live. It is also paramount that we explore in depth a range of key issues that are pertinent and relevant to the lives of children and young people, so that they be informed and equipped to make decisions that will have a positive impact on their lives.

At Bishopton we strongly believe that PSHE is an important part of our curriculum.  Our students experience one session per week, dedicated to a planned programme of learning through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives, keep themselves safe and experience success.

PSHE is an abbreviation of Personal, Social, Health Education and whilst this may seem to be quite a new subject area it has been taught in schools for many years under many different names. We have taken the approach that PSHE is essential in developing the skills our learners need to be successful, well rounded rights respecting global citizens and we match the curriculum to ensure our learners are able to be work and life ready.

We approach topics with care and sensitivity as we know a lot of issues may have affected the young people we support. We ensure that any support is put in place that may be needed for our learners.

Currently we cover the following areas;

The Wider World – this develops pupils’ knowledge and understanding of their rights using the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, we also explore in depth the articles of the convention and the implications on children and young people all around the world and the mechanisms required to respect and uphold people’s rights. We also explore a range of other key concepts around stereotyping, British values, democracy, beliefs, cultures and what leads to extremism/right wing ideologies.

Relationships – Through this topic we study the different types of relationships, features and implications of positive and negative relationships. We then explore sexual relationships in an age appropriate way with learning focused on consent, sexual health, body image, media, and social pressures.

Health and Well-being – Through this topic we develop the pupils knowledge and understanding of the skills they need to develop to make informed decisions regarding their own personal health and well-being. Future Choices explores employability skills and provides pupils with the opportunity to research the world of further education, employment and enterprise by having face to face contact with external visitors from industry and further education. They will be given guidance on how to produce CV’s complete application forms as well as how to conduct themselves in interview.

From September 2020, all primary age children will learn relationships education and health education, and all secondary age children will learn relationships & sex education (RSE) and health education. Bishopton have opted to be an early adopter of this as we strongly feel good quality relationships & health education is fundamental to developing the whole child. In Autumn 2 we will be holding a parents/carers consultation event where we will be looking at the PSHE policy and inviting them to have input with its development.

RSE primary schools guide for parents

RSE secondary schools guide for parents

These guides are to help parents know more about these subjects and are related to the guidance Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education.

We look to engage with outside agencies where we believe it will enrich the learning of our students and welcome offers of potential projects that would support our learners in developing their skills/knowledge/understanding of any topic that falls under the PSHE umbrella.

PSHEE Policy 2019

For information about PSHE please contact Mrs Laking on 01642 566369