Here you will find a link to the policies, procedures and guidelines to assist you.

If any parent/carer wishes to obtain a paper copy of any of the policies they may do so by contacting the school and asking for Julie Toth. There will be no charge for this.

Accessibility Policy

Animals in School policy 19

Anti-Bullying Policy 2019

Attendance Policy 2019Attendance Policy

Bishopton British Values Policy

CCTV Policy

CEIAG Policy 2019CEIAG Policy 2019CEIAG Policy 2019

Celebrating Staff Achievements Policy 2018-2019

Charging and Remissions Policy 2019

Child Protection Policy 2019

Classroom Observations Policy 2019Child Protection Policy 2019

Confidentiality Policy

Contingency Monies Policy

Complaints Policy 2019

CPD Policy 2019

CYPIOC Policy 2019

Data Erasure Policy

Data Porting Policy

Data Protection Policy

DBS Policy 201

Digital images policy 2019

Emergency Policy 2019

Feedback policy June 2019

Fire Evacuation Plan 2019

Fire safety Policy 2019

First Aid Policy 2019

Forced Marriage Policy

Homework Policy

Home Visit & Home Tuition Policy 2019

Inclusion Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Learning Environment and Display Policy

Literacy Policy

Marking and Feedback Policy

Maths through the curriculum policy 2019

Medical Needs Policy 2019

Numeracy & Calculation Policy 2019

Outreach Policy 2019

Positive Behaviour Policy 2019

Positive Handling Policy 2019

PSHEE Policy 2019

Staff Wellbeing Policy 2019

Safeguarding Policy 2019

SEND Policy 2019SEND Policy 2019

SMSC Policy 2019

SRE Policy 2019https://www.bishoptoncentre.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Staff-Code-of-Conduct-2019.pdf

Subject Access Request Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy 2019

Bishopton has adopted a range of policies from the Local Authority relating to HR and can be made available upon request.