Outreach & Reintegration Service

At Bishopton PRU we not only offer placements in school, but we support young people and staff across all schools in Stockton through our excellent Outreach and Reintegration service.

My name is Drew Lambert and I have worked for Stockton Local Authority for ten years, supporting children and young people who are at risk of permanent exclusion.

Through our collaboration with the Early Help team, we have recently appointed an Outreach Assistant to work alongside us in providing first tier support to children and young people at risk of exclusion.

If you have a pupil who is in need of one-one support in school, either inside or outside the classroom, then we can help. We will tailor make a package that fits around the needs of the pupil and the needs of the school. Using the McSherry Readiness for Reintegration Scale, we can provide a diagnostic to identify areas where the pupil is succeeding in school, and area where the pupil needs additional support. Our team will then work with the pupil, staff and parents to create a transition plan which includes strategies to re-engage the pupil in education.

Our aim is to be preventative, not reactive. We wish to support schools in exploring other avenues of support before exclusion. The students and their success and inclusion in mainstream education, is paramount to all that we do.

If you wish to find out more, please contact myself on 01642 566369.

Outreach Reintegration Survey

Readiness for Reintegration Scale and Action Planning