ICT progresses alongside the world around us.  ICT skills are a fundamental aspect of the 21st Century and as a result we aim to ensure that the learning for our students is relevant and forward thinking, preparing our students for the workplace.

ICT at Bishopton:

‘The students use ICT across the curriculum as well as for recreational use during their free time.  At Bishopton, we aim to make ICT fun by using exciting, new technology and multimedia to teach students the skills they need post sixteen.  Our specialist teachers and teaching assistants strive to deliver a curriculum that enables students to acquire the appropriate transferable skills, knowledge and understanding that they will use throughout their lives.’

ICT department

As the world around us moves and changes at such a rapid pace, computing skills are celebrated as an essential part of education.  At Bishopton we teach invaluable skills such as logical reasoning, design and structured problem solving.

The ICT department’s main aim is to help students develop skills that will genuinely aid them in the future, whether in terms of going on to further studies or in the workplace. We attempt to expand on the students existing ICT skills in a way that gives them a sense of the practical purposes of their increased knowledge.

All students study and develop the established common set of ICT skills. They are helped to develop their ability with Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation Software,  Databases and coding as a starting point.

As much as possible though, we try to introduce the students to aspects of ICT that they have not experienced in the past. We introduce them to more creative uses of ICT, such as developing their skills manipulating digital images with Photoshop, creating computer graphics, designing websites, some basic programming and designing animations.

In KS4 pupils have the opportunity to access the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) through an online platform

The world and how we view money is constantly adapting. LIBF provides opportunities in developing financial awareness and money management skills for all of our KS4 students.

Lessons In Financial Education (LIFE) is our flexible, modular e-learning programme. The aim is to give learners the basic skills to enable them to look after their money, completing units at their own pace and then sitting an online examination after completing each unit.

Our students look at various topics, which is delivered in 3 units:

Your personal finances

Money management for your generation

Your future your career


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