Humanities KS3

Throughout KS3 at Bishopton, students will study a range of topics in line with the thematic curriculum linked to the schools CASTLE values. This will include a number of engaging and interesting topics taught by Mrs Laking, from History, Religion and Geography.

The curriculum is balanced equally between the three subjects with the aim to ensure that students are receiving all aspects of the national curriculum, while immersing, engaging and inspiring students in the schools ‘overarching theme’. Activities in KS3 Humanities may include: excursions to historical, geographical or religious sites; guest speakers; independent investigations; role plays; mapping exercises etc.

Topics in Humanities will range between the following:
History: Henry 8th and the Tudors; Black Death and revolution; World War One and the Suffragette movement; World War Two; and the Transatlantic Slave trade.
Religious Studies: Hinduism; Christianity; Islam; Judaism; Religious and inspirational leaders; and Crime and Punishment.

Geography: Volcanoes; Super volcanoes; Independent Sports study on the environment; Weather; Population and Migration.

KS4: At KS4, students will then continue the use of their knowledge of how the world has been shaped and formed, by studying GCSE Citizenship with Mrs Laking.

Homework: A range of homework tasks are available on display in Mrs Laking’s Humanities classroom.

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