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Covid-19 Information

Please visit this page regularly for the latest updates and information regarding Covid-19



Bishopton Pru Coronavirus Risk Assessment 

We feel it is important to keep our whole schools community informed of our Risk Assessment which can be viewed on the link below. This is subject to ongoing review. If you require any further information about the systems and procedures Bishopton Pru are taking to ensure the safety of the whole school community, please contact Bishopton and ask to speak to our Health and safety leads, Mr Josh Simpson and Mr Paul Tait, 01642 566369. 

November 2020 Review COVID19 Risk Assessment

Latest Communication 

Face Masks in School

Face coverings letter November

Please see below information for update in regards to school closure until 2/11/2020. 

COVID 19 confirmed contact letter for whole school (2)

Communication 2019-2020

COVID 19 update letter 26th March

COVID 19 update letter 23rd March

Family Hub letter

Coronavirus; supporting children and staff wellbeing

Letter to Parents &Carers 23/03/20 

Extra Support for families 

We have created this page for parents/carers and pupils to be kept up to date as and when we receive any information or government guidance, please visit this page regularly to be kept up to date.

Public Health England’s advice on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Tips for Parents to Manage Mental Wellbeing

Many of you will have lots of questions that you may be struggling to find the answers to. The following link will hopefully provide you with some of the clarity you need:

As schools are now closed to the majority of children and young people we are very aware that this is a troubling time and would like to let you know about  who provide online mental health and wellbeing support. This service can signpost to a safe environment where information, advice and guidance is accessible through articles, forums and confidential live chat.

If your child is feeling low in mood, worried or anxious and requires support from the schools Mental Health Support Team then please email your child’s name, school, year group and your telephone number to and someone will contact you. Your Mental Health Support Team is available Monday – Thursday 8.30-5.00pm and Fridays 8.30-4.30pm. Please note that we are not a crisis or out of hours emergency service. If you have serious concerns about your child’s mental health and wellbeing then you must contact your local CAMHS Crisis service on 0300 013 2000 Option 6

Letter to Parents and Carers re COVID 19

If anyone has any further questions, please get in touch and we will try to give you further clarity. You can get in touch by:

  • Ringing the school 01642 566369
  • Messaging the school Facebook page
  • Sending an email to the address: 

Take care and please ensure you are following the latest guidance in keeping yourself safe and healthy.