Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Our Vision

We believe every child should leave our school fully prepared for life in an ever changing modern society. We therefore provide a broad and balanced curriculum supported by quality careers education, information advice and guidance to develop every young person’s values, skills and behaviours that they will need to get on and succeed in life.

The Careers Lead in Bishopton is Sophie Johnson 01642 566369

Management Committee member for Careers is Donna Butcher Head Teacher at Thornaby Academy.

Bishopton Careers Programme

Pupil’s Entitlement:

Access to independent and impartial Information, Advice and Guidance to every pupil in years 7 – 11 by Youth Direction.

Access to external sources of information on the full range of employment, education and training options to all year groups including KS2.

Opportunities to engage with a range of employers, education including higher and training providers, covering the full range of academic and technical routes available at each transition point.

At least one meaningful encounter with an employer each academic year (at least one of which will be STEM)

Access to good quality Labour Market Information.

 least one experience of a workplace by the time they are 16.IAG




The Careers Programme is subject to ongoing monitoring and evaluation and is mapped to the Gatsby Benchmarks. The Careers Lead Sophie Johnson reports to the head teacher every half term with information including NEET figures for the last 3 years, stakeholder feedback and impact of the programme. The schools monitors its progress mapped to the benchmarks through the Compass Tool.

The Careers Programme is due to be reviewed in December 2019.

Bishopton has achieved the Quality in Careers Standard and this is due for renewal in December 2020.

We welcome into our school a wide range of  external speakers who inspire and engage with our pupils, they come from a variety of backgrounds and all have a very personal and inspiring story to tell. We also invite providers of Apprenticeships into the school to promote awareness and understanding of the breadth of apprenticeships available to our pupils post 16 (please see our Policy Statement on Providers of Apprenticeships below). As well as this we hold events throughout the academic year where we invite employers in to support in the development of pupil’s confidence and understanding about career choices. Coming soon to this page will be our diary of events for next academic year.

Policy Statement – Providers

As part of a diverse and challenging education package, extended work experience can contribute directly to helping young people develop transferable skills they will need for their future personal and professional development. In KS4 extended work experience will be offered to pupils who feel confident enough and have proven that they have the maturity and self-awareness to experience a real working environment. The school has links with a range of employers who have been through the necessary checks for Safeguarding and Health and Safety.

Our CEIAG policy is below:

CEIAG Policy 2019

We always aim to support our whole school community in making choices, developing skills and experiencing success. Below are a number of links to organisations that can support and guide anyone including our parents and carers into work. A careers information website. CV and careers resources. Provides information, advice and guidance to help people make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities. The service also offers confidential impartial advice supported by qualified careers advisers. Online service which allows people to explore careers and brings together opportunities. Information about apprenticeships. Provides pupils with information on particular degrees and universities. Provides guidance on choosing a career.