C.O.P.E – Outdoor Education

CASTLE Outdoor Programme of Education

At Bishopton, an outdoor curriculum has been developed to compliment the core educational curriculum offered on-site. We believe that exposure to a range of outdoor activities will help to support the development of the whole child; emotionally, physically and in turn academically. There are many important benefits of providing students with an outdoor curriculum. These include improving:

  • Creativity
  • Health
  • Social Skills (managing conflicts, co-operation and teamwork)
  • Well-being (good mental health)
  • Independence and Leadership skills

The outdoor curriculum that has been carefully developed, is highly inclusive and fully supports the ethos of the school. Students that access this curriculum can achieve nationally recognised qualifications which can support them in later life.

Some of the exciting adrenaline packed activities that students will get a chance to experience include: power-boating, archery, kayaking, climbing, abseiling, archery and mountain biking. These fantastic new opportunities will encourage the development of key life skills such as tolerance, resilience, self-belief and aspiration.

We are proud to support the local communities as part of our outdoor curriculum by being actively involved in activities such as beach cleans, improving the local area and positively engaging with our community.

By providing students with the academic opportunities alongside this outdoor curriculum we hope to achieve the following outcomes for our students:

  • A healthy and happy body and mind
  • A sociable, confident person
  • A self-directed and creative learner
  • An effective contributor
  • An active global citizen