Bishopton is outward facing and values partnership working with a range of key agencies detailed below:


provides support around substance misuse treatment, prevention and early intervention.

CGL know that if  they can support young people now, it may stop them making decisions they may later regret. That’s why their youth services focus on providing friendly, non-judgemental advice and support so that young people can make better-informed lifestyle choices.


Harbour works with families and individuals who are affected by abuse from a partner, former partner or other family member. 


Youth Direction provides a range of services to young people across the Borough.

These services include:


Support may be given to those:

  • At risk of school exclusion
  • Involved in anti-social behaviour within their community
  • At risk of involvement in criminal behaviour

Preventions & Patrol Team provides support and early intervention to young people aged 8 to 17 years who reside within the Stockton Borough.

CAMHS – (Child & Adult Mental Health Services)

Improve the Mental Health and Psychological Well-being of all children and young people. We deliver our serivces in the following way:

  • Group work
  • Individual work
  • Clinics in community settings
  • Joint session such as parenting workshops/support
  • Advice
  • Signposting to the most appropriate service
  • Consultation (in person or over the telephone)

Services work with children and young people to an agreed care plan.


Early Help is a collaborative approach, not a provision.  All children and young people will receive Universal Services, however, some children, either because of their needs or circumstances; will require extra support to achieve their potential.

Children need to be safe and confident that the adult world understands their needs and recognises their vulnerabilities.  For children and young people who need some support, a multi-agency approach is usually best based on an Early Help Assessment

A range of help, support and children services can be offered in areas, such as:

  • Child behaviour and establishing routines
  • Parenting advice and courses
  • Family relationships
  • Housing
  • Child development
  • Positive play and activities
  • Managing budgets/debt advice
  • Help to access training and employment


The project offers bespoke intervention packages to young people, their families or carers who may be in crisis or are struggling with ongoing issues that are impacting negatively on every day family life. These interventions may take place in the registered provision, the community, in the child/young person’s home or another appropriate setting.


Keeping children safe is your business, our business, it is everyone’s business.

The work to protect children and young people from abuse and neglect is overseen by the Stockton-on-Tees Local Safeguarding Children Board (SLSCB).

If you have concerns that a child or young person is being abused or neglected, or that they may be at risk of harm, you should contact one of the following services.

The Children’s Hub (Hartlepool and Stockton-On-Tees)

The Children’s Hub provides information, advice and guidance on services and support for children, young people and families.

Telephone: 01429 284284


Support for young people aged between 11-25 years experiencing difficulties in their lives, especially due to abuse, sexual exploitation, and problems at home. We also raise awareness in schools & youth settings about healthy relationships and keeping safe.


Stockton-On-Tees Youth Offending Team is a multi-agency service that incorporates staff from Stockton Council (Social Care and Education Services), Cleveland Police, the Probation Service and local health services. They often work in partnership with other services such as criminal courts.

The Youth Offending Team is responsible for the supervision of young people subject to pre-court interventions and statutory court orders.

Delivers a range of services which are designed to:

  • Prevent children and young people from offending
  • Reduce reoffending by children and young people and to protect the public from harm
  • Safeguard children and young people
  • Support young people and families to take responsibility for their behaviour
  • Enable young people to mature into law-abiding adults in the community
  • Understand and meet the needs of victims of youth crime


The school nursing team work with children, young people and their families across Stockton, Hartlepool and further afield to provide care, advice and health promotion for children and young people aged between four and 19.

The dedicated team provide:

  • health assessments to find out any health needs
  • immunisation programmes in schools
  • health education and health promotion
  • a service to make sure children are safe and supported
  • confidential advice for young people

They also provide advice, support and signposting to a number of services including:

  • emotional and mental health services
  • sexual health
  • local services for childcare support and parent courses
  • services to help you and your family lead a healthy lifestyle