Afterschool Clubs

We believe it is important for students at our school to develop skills and knowledge, outside of the classroom, and have opportunities for further learning across the curriculum.

Did you know we have a range of After School Clubs that learners can access on an evening?

We offer:

? Y11 revision club with teachers of core subjects – giving students the opportunity to get further, targeted support in the areas they need most in the run up to GCSEs.

⚽️ After School football training with Mr Waters and Mr Simpson – students can get fit, have fun and develop football skills further!

? After School music club with Mr Thompson and Mr Bradley – students have the opportunity to develop their inner musician! they could learn the guitar, develop their singing or even have the opportunity to ‘MC’!

Also, coming soon for the Summer term –

? After School gardening club with Miss Moss and Mr Barnes – giving learners the opportunity to spend time outdoors and improve our learning environment and support us in achieving our goal of becoming a Green Flag Eco School.

We also offer students the opportunity to have extra lessons or bespoke timetables at the end of the school day, if that meets their needs.