• Exams 2021 •

Important updates have been released today. As we find out more, we will update our Y11 students and their families.

Exams: Grades to be as generous as 2020

In “recognition of the challenges faced by students this year”, and on top of the three-week delay in exams, the government will:

1. Allow more generous grading – which will be “in line with national outcomes from 2020, so students this year are not disadvantaged”

2. Under this system, every subject will “receive the same level of generosity so that the approach doesn’t advantage some students over others depending on their subject choice”

3. Give students advance notice of some topics covered in in GCSE, AS and A-levels to focus revision (no further details of which topics, or in which exams)

4. Allow exam aids, such as formula sheets, in “some exams” to give students “more confidence and reducing the amount of information they need to memorise”

5. Additional exams as a second chance for students to sit a paper if they miss the main exam because of illness or self-isolation

6. In “extreme cases” where a student has a “legitimate reason to miss all their papers”, then a “validated teacher informed assessment” can be used (but only “once all chances to sit an exam have passed”)

7. A new expert group to look at “differential learning and monitor the variation in the impact of the pandemic on students across the country” (but regional grading has been ruled out as it’s unfair)

8. Students taking vocational and technical qualifications will see “some adaptions to ensure parity”

Any questions please contact the school, 01642 566369