Seven talented students at Bishopton and Redhill have beaten nationwide competition and been selected from tens of thousands of entries to have their poetry published in an anthology.

The Poetry Games competition, organised by Young Writers, was a nationwide challenge to encourage students to write their own poetry about a topic they feel strongly about with the theme of “Truth” or “Dare”.

The responses range from dealing with school struggles to war and nightmares. Each poem is incredibly personal to the pupil who composed it.

The published pupils are:

  • Ryan Bevan (Y8)
  • Dan Turner (Y9)
  • Caitlin Smith (Y8)
  • Courtney Dunn (Y8)
  • Alex Gibson (Y8)
  • Lewis Durnion (Y9)
  • Mark Sharp (Y9)

The anthology can be found in the Bishopton library and copies can be ordered from the Young Writers website.