Senior Management

Miss S Birch – Acting Head teacher

Mrs R Campbell –Assistant Head / English Teacher/ safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Johnson – Brokerage Co-ordinator/ exams officer

Ms C Fawcett – Learning Manager

Mr G Stevens – Behaviour Mentor

Mr A Lambert – KS4 Learning Manager


Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs J Toth – Clerk to Head Teacher

Mrs M Denham – Finance Manager

Mrs C Barlow Currently covered by Miss Cruces  due to maternity leave – Safe Guarding Officer

Mrs C Thompson Currently covered by Miss A Lawson due to maternity leave – SENCO

Mrs S Pearson – Mentor

Mrs M Cummings – Administrator

Mrs D Hodgkiss – Administrator



Teaching Staff

Mr J Legender – Mathematics

Mrs Dumain – Mathematics

Miss R Glew – English

Miss S Moss – Primary

Mr P Waters – Cookery

Mrs C Storey Currently covered by Miss L Cooling due to maternity leave – Science

Miss K Walsh – I.C.T / Graphics/ PSHE

Miss L Banks – Design Technology/ PSHE

Miss A Tokat – Art/ Photography

Miss A Lawson – Religious Studies

Mr C Wilson- Physical Education


Support Staff

Miss AM Walsh – Teaching Assistant

Miss A Burlinson – Teaching Assistant

Miss D Iley – Teaching Assistant

Miss A Kreuger – Teaching Assistant

Miss S Mather – Teaching Assistant

Miss J Rogers – Teaching Assistant

Miss M Waller – Teaching Assistant

Mr D Roberts – Teaching Assistant

Miss H Scott – Teaching Assistant

Mr A Douglas – Teaching Assistant

Mr L Bradley – Teaching Assistant

Mr D Barnes – Teaching Assistant



Ms C Fawcett – Learning Manager

Mrs J Cruces – Mentor

Mrs L Hall – Teaching assistant / Bullying Co-ordinator

Mrs J Ward – Home Tutor

Mrs J Gair – Home Tutor

Mr A Scoffin – Home Tutor



Mr P Duffy