In Key Stage 3 (Yrs. 7/8), a combined class, we teach very much within cross curricular themes. It is an ongoing, rolling programme based around personal health and wellbeing.

We cover topics that come under the broad heading of ‘Life and Living Processes.’ These topics include: Health and growth; teeth and eating; moving and growing and keeping healthy. Within these individual topics we study and investigate a variety of concepts that all contribute to an understanding of bodily processes and functions.

Our aim within the study of science is to give the students a better understanding of their bodily processes and to educate/inform them about how to make healthy choices within their own lives.

Assessment is ongoing using students’ individual written work and end of topic tests/assessments.

Biology unit

Cells, tissues, organs of the body and function of the body systems.

Chemistry unit

Crime Scene investigation, acids, alkalis, separation and heating methods.

Physics units

Forces, pressure, magnetism and electrical circuits.