Behaviour & Rewards

Bishopton prides itself on high expectations regarding behaviour. We understand that our pupils have often been permanently excluded from mainstream education but by utilising small groups, high staff ratios, specialist staff and engaging personalised curriculum we work hard to modify behaviours and allow the pupils to be success socially, emotionally and academically.

We feel that positive behaviour should be recorded and celebrated. All pupils earn points in lessons which are collated and recorded by the group teaching assistant. Highest points scorers are able to have enrichment on a Friday afternoon and will attend the end of term reward trips and earn vouchers.

At the end of each term, the top 3 points scorers will receive a letter home, certificate and small prize as a recognition of their efforts. For further detail on our point system please follow the link below to see how we reward points, our voucher scheme and BRAG rating.

How Bishopton points are earned 2018-19

Positive Behaviour Policy