KS2- KS3 Friday afternoon activities.

In KS2 and KS3 on a Friday afternoon pupils who have earned enough points in their Target Passports pick an enrichment activity as a reward for meeting their weekly targets for work and behaviour. Pupils can earn points for good behaviour and completing all their work. Extra points can be earned if staff feel that a pupil has shown extra effort.  Each week staff and pupils meet to discuss individual targets and the chosen activity.   Pupils are allowed to choose an activity for the afternoon, this includes cookery Club, football and ice skating.

At the end of Half term an out of house activity is arranged for pupils who have shown to staff an improvement in their behaviour and work. Pupils are encouraged to discuss what type of activity they would enjoy and submit their ideas to the School Council.

We are always eager to discuss new ideas to reward positive behaviour and outstanding work, feel free to speak to a member of staff or pupils can take your suggestions to your School Council representative.