Redhill Education Centre

Anxiety is a normal and natural response that occurs in all humans when they perceive a threat, danger or negative stimulus. It is common for children to experience fear and anxiety as they grow and experience new challenges and changes. In most cases anxiety is viewed as transitory and does not significantly impact on a child’s social, emotional and academic development however, for some children and young people, anxieties can have a crippling impact on their performance at school, their health, their ability to make and maintain friends and on their family lives. Redhill is highly empathic to these pupils and has a proven track record of working successfully with anxious pupils offering therapeutic approaches to complement an academic programme tailored to pupils’ individual needs. The purpose is to build a pupil’s resilience, self-esteem and coping strategies so that they can re-engage with their mainstream education, or further education, training and/or employment and with society in general. Redhill also offers pupils, who, for whatever reason, cannot physically attend school, a Home Tuition service which is time-bound with clear targets and a strategy on exit. For pupils who are unfortunately experiencing health problems that affect their ability to access education, Home/Hospital Teaching is available through Redhill.


Historically referrals to Redhill & Home/Hospital Service have been through the Local Authority Access Panel, however, with the establishment of the new Pupil Inclusion Panel (PIP) where partnership places to the PRU are discussed, this has significantly reduced the need for the Access Panel to convene on a regular basis. Building on the success of the PIP model and given the Local Authority has a statutory duty to provide education to pupils who cannot access school, it is timely that we reconsider how the Local Authority manages the referrals to these vital services. Therefore, it is proposed that referrals for both Redhill and Home/Hospital Tuition be directed to and considered by the SEMH and Physical/Sensory One Point Panels. These panels have a multi-disciplinary presence of professionals from a medical, educational, SEN, Mental Health and Social Care background. Their expertise and experience places them in the best position to determine what the next steps should be, they will be able to make the appropriate challenge to schools if it is felt there is more that can be done in school to support the pupil and minimise disruption to the pupil’s education. The panel will also consider a range of strategies or support required within and including short stays in Redhill.


The One Point panels convene fortnightly. Schools are invited to direct any referrals for either Home/Hospital Tuition or Redhill to Lorraine Baynes in SEN. It is essential that if a school is referring a pupil due to anxiety or other mental health needs that they need to provide a costed Provision Map alongside a completed referral form as schools need to demonstrate how they have spent money to support the pupil prior to referral.