Redhill Education Centre


Who do we cater for?

  • Short term medical conditions – mostly orthopedic post surgery cases e.g broken legs
  • Long term, possibly life threatening conditions
  • Mental health pupils – suicidal, depressed and anxious.

Placement at RES is initially for assessment, it is not permanent but is a time limited programme designed to enable the young person to develop sufficient emotional resilience to return to mainstream school.


The aim of the RES is to reintegrate pupils back into their mainstream school as soon as possible. The time that this takes varies, according to the need of each individual child. They will not be reintegrated until it is felt that they are ready and will be able to cope with everyday school life.

Our Reintegration Officer liaises with school and supports the pupil during this time of reintegration with transport and support within the classroom if needed.

We rely on parents/carers to work with us to accomplish the return to mainstream school.


Pupils attend 9am to 2.30pm with 30 minutes for lunch.

In line with our health schools policy fizzy/isotonic drinks and sugary food are not permitted.

If your child is ill you must telephone Redhill, you must also telephone the taxi firm transporting your child.

Uniform: Pupils must wear either their own school uniform or black/dark grey skirt/trousers, white shirt/polo shirt and black/dark grey jumper/cardigan. Black shoes must be worn trainers are not allowed.

Jewellery: One pair of small earrings and a wrist watch is allowed.

Mobile phones etc must be handed into the office at the start of the day and will be returned at 2.30pm.

Parents along with other relevant professionals, are invited to regular meeting to review and plan for your child’s future needs.