At Bishopton PRU we deliver RE in line with local authority policy. We learn a range of religions including Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Pupils have RE for 1hour a week. We use a number of techniques to deliver the curriculum including video clips, visiting speakers and educational visits.

We have a number of visiting speakers to explain their views, for example we have a Muslim who explains Islam teachings on extremism and a Christian who talks about Christian views on wealth and poverty.

Parents have the right to remove their child from RE if you would like to discuss this further please contact reception.


 28th April 2015  “Being Bad isn’t Good” – Gram Seed
 Gram We enjoyed a visit from Gram Seed, who runs Sowing Seeds Ministries. He told us his testimony and how becoming a Christian had changed his life. Gram has lived in both wealth and poverty. He helped us to think about our lives and the choices we have. He said “your scars both physical and emotional don’t have to dictate your future”. Gram left us with a question to think about ” I bet you know more famous good people than famous bad people?” Gram also commented on our good behaviour and thanked us for the respect we showed him. In our next RE lesson we will be considering random acts of Kindness.