“It is really important that we promote competitive support in schools. It is very important that we recognise that has to be underpinned by good quality physical education and by getting people into patterns of exercise.” – Sebastian Coe

Bishopton PRU PE department aims to promote enjoyment and a sense of achievement at every level of sport, developing pupil’s social and interpersonal skills. Pupils work with others and understand how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We will ensure pupils have the knowledge, skills and confidence to continue in their own time and encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities, hopefully developing a lifelong interest in maintaining a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

We use several off site facilities which allow our students to engage with various people from different backgrounds to encourage socialisation and confidence in different settings. We aim to improve confidence, organisation, teamwork and independence.

We currently run a programme from the Sports Leaders organisation which encourages and promotes leadership and self-confidence through the course, along with gaining recognised qualifications.