Primary (KS2)

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In primary, parents, staff and students have worked together to create a positive and nurturing learning environment which is rich and challenging for all students. Learners are encouraged to achieve their full potential and to become intelligent, responsible, productive and caring adults who are well prepared for the challenges of a world full of opportunities: whatever their age, gender, ability, background or beliefs.eaching & Learning

Students are provided with a bespoke curriculum at  Bishopton,  with the focus being on the stage of learning the student is currently working at, not the age of the student. This is achieved through continuous assessment and tracking of children’s learning.

Literacy and Numeracy are taught daily. Students work on individual targets throughout the week and then on a Friday assessment is carried out through a ‘Big Write’ and a ‘Big Maths’. This process of continuous tracking and assessments allows the programme of study for each child to remain current, personalised and relevant.

Reading is important in Bishopton and is done regularly as it is key skill students will need throughout their lives. Students read their own book for 15 minutes each morning and then the class enjoys a story together after lunch. Previously students have enjoyed reading the David Walliams books and even went to watch the ‘Gangsta Granny’ theatre production at Darlington Civic Theatre. We are currently enjoying a range of books, both fiction and non-fiction, based around the Vikings. We are currently reading How to train your dragon and recently enjoyed a range of activities based on the book for World Book Day.

Other subjects taught include Cookery, Science, RE, ICT, PE, Geography, History, PSHCE and Art. This is achieved through ‘Topics’ which change every half term and where possible learning is approached through cross curricular themes. We encourage creative thinking across the curriculum. Students also attend swimming at the Forum on a Monday afternoon.

KS2 Long Term Planar

At  Bishopton we aim to keep parents/carers informed and up to date on all aspects of their child’s progress regularly; phone calls are made a minimum of once a week. Growth Mindset

In Primary, we are really embracing Growth Mindset which encourages a supportive classroom environment where trying new things, receiving feedback and learning from mistakes is expected and most of all welcomed.

It is especially important for us to:

  • Teach students that their brain gets stronger when they are challenged
  • Emphasize the goal of learning above (but not necessarily to the exclusion of) specific outcomes
  • Create environments where intellectual struggle is embraced
  • Create opportunities to celebrate mistakes – “mistakes are proof that you are trying” – Carol Dweck

Staff at Bishopton are committed to support students in developing academically, socially and emotionally.USEFULL WEBSITES

Below is a list of websites that will help with your child’s learning: