Parent/Carer Feedback

I would like to praise a member of your school teaching staff for the wonderful work she has been doing for over 3 months with my daughter.

My daughter was diagnosed with a serious illness several years ago and this year was admitted to hospital for a fortnight because of a really nasty flare. Working in partnership with Egglescliffe School one of your Teachers at Redhill was allocated to my daughter to help with her education while she was unwell.

This Teacher has been fantastic with my daughter, working to meet her learning needs but also taking into account her illness and how she was feeling each day and adapted her learning methods. My daughter has taken on board so many wonderful ways of revising and remembering subjects that this Teacher has taught her that I do really believe she has learnt more with this Teacher in the past three months than what she would have at school!   This Teacher showed empathy towards my daughter, which I feel helped build a wonderful working relationship between them. My daughter’s confidence and self-esteem has improved on a massive scale and I would just like to give your Teacher recognition for the outstanding work and preparation time that so clearly went into her taught sessions.

I understand that my daughter’s file will close for the time being but if in the future the unfortunate event happened that she was ill again, I would really appreciate my daughter being allocated to the same Teacher again.  She is an asset to your school.

Kind Regards

Claire Starkey


“Alexandra is a different person to the one who originally started at Redhill. She is much more confident, happier and her attendance is much improved. She is looking to the future, wanting to attend college and learn to drive.

The staff at Redhill have given her so much support and guidance.

Without the service at Redhill Christine had little hope of completing her formal education. However after attending Redhill Christine has not only completed her education but has also gained entry into further education and hopes to attend University in the future.

The provision of services such as Redhill has been invaluable to Christine’s progress, both academically and emotionally.

I must stress that this great progress is a direct consequence of the dedication and professionalism of the staff and management of Redhill School. We are forever grateful.

Due to problems at secondary school Samuel’s self confidence was very low, he had been unable to go to school for a few months. Resulting in sleep problems, he often had night terrors and cried a lot.

The staff at Redhill have been excellent and also other services have contributed to how Samuel is today. My husband and I are surprised and pleased at the amount of work he has got through during his time at Redhill, which we didn’t appreciate until we saw his school books. He enjoyed his time at Redhill (and is now a dab hand in the kitchen – thank you Joy!)

Thank you all for your help and support”


Pupil Feedback

“I love how it was so welcoming; Redhill offers a safe, warm environment for pupils to face their challenges of whatever kind. It is non judgemental and whenever I had a problem the staff where there to help. I can’t commend them enough, Redhill has helped me through my toughest time and I would never be as happy as I am today without them”. Christine

“Everyone was really supportive and very welcoming, the teachers are very helpful with your work there is always someone to talk to. No one judges you”.

“I got a second chance at my education”. Hannah