Design Technology


“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks.  But of course, if you dig deeper, it is really how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Through the teaching of Design Technology, a range of valuable life skills are acquired, which are transferable across the curriculum and are advantageous to students both during their time in education and beyond.

Design Technology at Bishopton:

“Students at Bishopton are exposed to a range of techniques which encourage creativity and originality.  Our aim is to enthuse and challenge students’ thinking through a range of practical activities.”

All pupils taking part in DT are encouraged to work in a safe manner. During Food Technology they learn to develop food preparation and cooking skills and to develop the knowledge to understand what is meant by safe and healthy eating.

In Tech, pupils have the opportunity to build on their health and safety awareness following safe practices when using any machinery to produce products. AQA Unit Awards are offered as well as Entry Level Certificate.

By following Pathway 1 of the Product Design ELC, four units are brought together in order to obtain the ELC. Two units relate to Food Technology and two relate to Tech. These can then also be used as standalone units and entered as such.

The introduction of Pathway 2 now means that pupils can specialize in completing 4 units of Food and 4 units of Textiles, gaining further ELC accreditation.

Pupils are encouraged to develop new skills and opportunities are provided for pupils to work with different media and materials encouraging even the weakest pupils to produce a fair standard of work and receive at least one Unit Award at KS3.