Art and Photography

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep “. Scott Adams


In KS3 pupils have the opportunity to explore many aspects of Art and Design, working on theme based projects, pupils cover a wide range of skills that can be developed through to a GCSE in KS4.

Our purpose in Art lessons is to develop confidence, be creative and have fun exploring ideas. Pupils are encouraged to develop both their imagination and research skills enabling them to realise their own potential.

To date pupils have worked on some of the following projects:

  • Giacometti inspired Modroc sculptures
  • Hybrid animals animations
  • Space Invader mosaics
  • Optical Illusion art


In KS4 pupils have the opportunity to gain both an Art and a Photography GCSE, allowing them to further develop their creative skills.

In Art pupils expand on their research, drawing, and presentation skills, whilst including some more specialist techniques such as printing and photo manipulation.

Pupils studying Photography continue to build their research and presentation skills, whilst learning how to stage and light their own photographs. Pupils also extend their knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and the use of apps for photo manipulation.

Our GCSE course promotes pupil’s own ideas and interests within a set brief. Our briefs have included: Collections, Natural Forms, Distortion, Food and Sweet treats!

To help engage our pupils and spark their imagination even more, there are also educational visits that support our projects at both key stages. The most recent being a trip to Durham Cathedral and a visit from Jay’s animals, where albino hedgehogs, skinks and a skunk were brought in for the pupils to experience these exotic creatures first hand.

Upcoming Visitors include birds of prey and a drone flying workshop.